Spiritual Poetry

On this page you will find inspired pieces of spiritual poetry. Sometimes loving, sometimes thought provoking, somtimes pure poetry...

Love is Life

These thoughts

Hollow yet filled

This person inside

Seems real and fake

What I am is nothing

What I am is everything

Things that matter don’t

What matters has no words

Inside contradictions we live

Outside them we live too

What does truth mean,

when we open our mouths?

All I know love is in life,

and life is inside love

If we can see that in all,

then all is realized…


Through all it pours;

The craving for connection

Raw, pure untainted connection

No clouds covering the sun

No storm reflecting in the lake

No waste of energy

Clear, serene and peaceful

Sensing the unconditional

Within self, within other

In embracing light of love

No more overthinking

No more dwelling

No more self infliction

Just being content with yourself

and being content with all others


No sight, just longing

Just painful cycles in my head

Hunted by past and fear of the future

Like ghosts with unfriendly faces

Can I see light in this prison?

Can I see a way out?

I have been here before

It is all too familliar

I recognize all these corners

I have always managed to escape

I have conquered darkness

I can do it again and again

I will untill I’ve cleared out my eyes

Until this dream will dissolve...

The Mind

This restless mind

Looking for ways out

Dwelling on a single thought

Running into multiple thoughts

Like a never ending story

Chapters with plot twists

Alineas filled with repetitiveness

Another distraction

Jumping from branch to branch

Like an untrained monkey

Always longing to feel save

Creating illusions, false truths

Writing scripts that will never happen

Planning futures that may never come

This fear of silence

Avoiding the actual truth

So unfamiliar to just being

Yet its intention similar to the heart

Just tiring phrasings

Words without meaning

Echoes bouncing around

It is just wanting peace

In every corner of your being

It means well

It needs to know it’s okay,

okay to take time off

Breathing nothingness in

Breathing everything out...


Big or small

Hot or cold

Everything has opposites

But in the core all just is

The labels we attach

The memo’s we create

It’s to categorize mentally

what we physically perceived

Harsh or kind

Distressed or calm

Self control or not

We crave peace of mind,

stillness in this loving force

But distraction is what were used to

Escaping into it for hours

The longing remains,

no matter how hard times seems

The yearning can be deafening

If we just give into it

If we just follow what’s presented

If we no longer deny what’s there

If we return to what’s already there…

We will find our way back home

The Call

I our core we all want the same

In our core we are all the same

We all move within this one universe,

on a journey we believe is our own

But we linger in places that distract

We repeat patterns that lead to nothing

There’s a program running in the background

Yet we are yearning to shut it down

It’s this call we hear but can’t explain

An inaudible voice speaking

We need to trust it, listen to it

We need to go with it and lead us

Surrender to it and practice its way

It has always been there

But suddenly we hear the echo

An echo becoming clearer

Giving us faith to leave this church of desire

Inspiring us to practice its way

Whispering directions to take

Give in to what we already know

Give in to what you know is real

Let go of what you know is not real

Practice being kind to yourself

Practice being kind to others as well

Embrace the power of love and unity

You are worthy to experience life

Make it happen, start now, not tomorrow

Life without effort

It all doesn’t matter

It’s all just weight put on by ourselves

Even if you’ve got it made,

Your security may be a false truth

All we want is no worries,

no self infliction, just to be carefree

Longing to love and don’t feel loveless

Longing to belong and not feel abandoned

Experience what is real and see what is not

I have seen and touched upon, but went back

Every salvaged piece of wisdom is there,

I only need to breathe it into existence

It will be effortles and kind without any force

I’ve tried forcing, but that creates a negative pull

Longing to not worry about not worrying

Longing to be without trying to be


What if you’re already there?

Already enlightened..

No more peeling off those layers

Allowing them to be there

No more struggle to get there,

cause you’ve already arrived

Just shake off the need to fight

Accept what is and what isn’t

Already free from limiting beliefs

Soaring through clear blue skies

High above the valley you were in,

looking down on it with gratitude

I’m feeling lighter already

Wings of joy spreading full force

All this knowing never left me

I just needed to open my eyes...

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