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There's nothing there to stand in your way... except yourself

Stevie Hogendoorn

Where it all began…

I was was born in 1976 in Haarlem, the Netherlands. From childhood to today; I've always been fascinated by people. Especially by the question about who we are, why we do what we do were inspiring questions to investigate. I also had no intention to walk in line with anybody else because there was more joy in the observation, being the objective outsider looking in.

This did not change in my teenage years either, so I was the introvert outsider not participating and had no ambition to become one of the popular kids. I didn’t see the value of what was being taught in school so grades and stuff wasn’t of much interest. I also didn't have any clue of what to do after school nor what study to follow… I wanted to be a musician so a regular career did not speak to me at all. The first guitar was given to him by my father and there were also a few singing lessons here and there. A little while later I formed a duo with one of my best friends.

A couple of years later

Lets make some jumps in the timeline to spare you from too many details…

Around my thirties l realised that this musical career he pursuit, wasn’t going anywhere and there was no proper education to fall back on. What now? I got interested in coaching so I followed a course to become an academic coach. A little later I succesfully finished a NLP integral coach course. Personal growth became a big and more important part of my life and to this day I still love to keep on developing. The same goes for communication in the broadest sense of the word. Especially when it’s about what you hear, but what is not being said…

Even more later I got interested into the communication that went beyond our normal sensory perception. This opened a world, a realm to that got me interested in a 3 year course of mediumship. This lead to alot of indescribeable experiences that convinced me that communication is not limited to our words, our body nor our physical mind. Eventually I worked as a professional medium (next to a redular job) for 6 years and during those years many courses were followed to deepen the knowledge and improve his skills.

I preach from the church of conscioussness, oneness, unity, where nothing is seperate and everything fueled by love…

The sky did have a limit

Even though I thought Ihad found what he was looking for within his mediumship, there were still some questions that remained unanswered. I noticed that alot of people, in the mediumship scene,  skipped their personal development and dived straight into this spiritual path.

He felt like some kind of emotional entertainer needing to perform, constantly proving that there is an afterlife to people who already believed that there was an afterlife. In the meanwhile I was getting more and more convinced that everything is energy and everything is one. So no seperation between ‘them’, me or us. 

You may have noticed; I had become more of a critical thinker in an environment where everything for many was great, fluffy, special, colors and rainbows… But the questions I started to have were never a subject nor were they discussed and the answers were not at hand.

The absolute

Next to the observing, seeing through and understanding our universal mechanics has been the driving force throughout the years. Mediumship just was a part of that, so not the complete picture. The questions ‘Who or what am I?’ became more and more important. What the hell is this ‘I’ anyway, right? That ‘I’ that always has an opinion about everything. Life suddenly felt like some real life theatre where I felt he I was not only the actor, but also the spectator.

I started looking for books and movies where ‘being’ was the main theme. Back then Mooji wasn’t as popular as he is now, but his philosophy spoke to me (about being one, not two/seperate). After a short while I became familliar with the big names of this philosophy (Advaita Vedanta) like Ramana Maharsi, Nisargardatta and in the Netherlands it was Alexander Smit (former student of Nisargardatta). But my absolute favortite was Ram Dass. At first this philosophy was hard to understand and it all sounded like riddles. Eventually I let go of the following of others and found his own way.

He took up the challenge to make a translation of this philosophy to those who were not familliar with Advaita Vedanta or Non duality as it has been called in the west. It is for everybody, it’s belief en religion friendly and strengthen the connection with everything that is important to you. It’s about seeing through everything that goes on in the mind and that is something we all should be able to do to get more peace within that same mind.

Mindfulness contributed in this process. This because there’s a subtle build in progression when it comes to self awareness and the practicing side of it spoke to me as well. That’s why I am a certified Mindfulness trainer today mixed with all the knowledge and experience from all my living years…

Yet I ran into a Bore-out...

Beside development I was still having a day job. I'm working for the city government of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. I job I have since 2016. I'm a passionate guy and a hard worker, but I couldn't really flourish and execute the talents I have within the job. At one point there wasn't a lot of work and I was near begging for more work, but didn't get it. I know now, but back then started the first signs of a genuine Bore-out.

In case you don't know: a Bore-out has all the symptoms of a Bore-out. Only the cause is different. It's working a long term under you capabilities, your talents. It's wanting to work harder than there is work at a time. So at one department I ran into the frisr stages and with the other and new department i ran into the same thing. Corona and working from home didn't help either. 

It was until I got stuck in my head and couldn't find my way out myself I started taling with my teammanger about what i was going through. she was very understanding. I asked if i could get a coach and Igot one. And through that coaching I realized I was having a bore-out for the last couple of years.

On my way back home

After the coaching I've started a new career coaching program. I've got assigned with a really good coach. At one point she asked about my mediumship because I've had mentioned it in one of the excercises... I realized I've pushed away a very important part me. Mediumship equals sensitivity and having that sensitivity back in my present life is very important to me. i realized It's not either this or that, it's AND this AND that. It made that that was a part of me that was missing since I got stuck in the mind and lost touch on feeling or emotions. I had also numbed myself from that lack of feeling with gaming and streaming.

Long story short... What I thought was lacking in my development within my sensitivity, I felt was lacking in the teachings of non-duality. But they go hand in hand. Being hard on myself is still a theme I'm working on right now, but once kindness towards myself kicks in... I'll be kicking ass along your side. ;-)


Stevie is a certified:

  • Academic Coach
  • Integral NLP Coach
  • Mindfulness Trainer
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapist (ACT)
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