Stevie Hogendoorn

Life coaching

From thinking to feeling, from feeling to being as it is

You the (non)professional

You expect yourself to be capable to get out of it yourself. You feel your smart and wise enough to do it all by yourself. You don't understand why you're not feeling how you're supposed to feel. You find yourseld not manifesting that what is inside of you, but somehow you've got stuck and just don't seem to progress at all...

The voice you listen to (and often dominates) comes from your mind and not your heart and isn't treating you very kind at this moment. You are ready to allow the voice of your heart, the knowing, the silence and you are prepared to ask for help to get there. You are done with not getting it done by yourself. You are ready to be here, now, ready to feel and breathe peace and love back to life. 

It's okay to be fearful, but it's the same fear that is showing you the way to grow...

Life coaching

It's about reconnecting again to that voice that knows, is and feels what you truly need. I'll help you to quite the chatter in your head, that constant critic, controller, but I' ll also help your inner protector that keeps you in your comfortzone, to feel safe. I'll help you to log back into that powerful wisdom that flows through and comes from the heart.

For now, in a nutshell, you still have the following on your mind:

  • You are awake, aware, but (completely) back in your head
  • Your cureent situation has gotten you stuck
  • You desire to feel
  • You're trying to self reflect but no actions comes from it
  • You need someone that reflects back on you
  • You're hard on yourself because you're not succeeding
  • You were aware and you just can't seem to get back 'home'
  • You can admit to yourself that you can use help

Life coaching is a form of coaching that brings you back that core of experiencing peace, that core you already have but drifted away from. I'll help you to 'remember' when you indeed feel you've lost 'it'. It's coaching from a heart to heart connection. It is a guided-by-intuition experience, where my knowldege and experience to let that surface that needs to surface. 

You are ready to break the chain of this vicious cycle. You are ready to, here and now, receive my coaching. 

The sessions will be through Skype or Zoom, so I can serve the world...

Online Life coaching pricing

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