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10 years

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7 years

of spiritual development & Mediumship

In short...

Stevie, yours truly, is all about inspiring you and to support where support is needed. Whether it's through blogs, vod/podcasts, live streams and talks or via my coaching and private sittings. We all can use some guidance at certain points in our life. We all have (had) moments where we got lost along the way and were looking for some place to call home. I've been there too and i've always got out. I have an endless amount of cofidence you can do the same.

I truly believe all answers lie within ourself, but sometimes it's just out of reach... Or we have it and then lose it again. It's all part of being human.

I have explored every aspect of development: both personal and spiritual. From those experiences and my purpose of serving others... I know it's my calling to help you see that shining light you already carry within. 

I am a Soldier of Light, you are one too!



Stevie Hogendoorn

Life coaching

I'll help you to quite the chatter in your head, that constant critic, controller, but I' ll also help your inner protector that keeps you in your comfortzone, to feel safe. I'll help you to log back into that powerful wisdom that flows through and comes from the heart.
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